Mobile Development

Mobile Development


iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company's iDevices. The Apple iPhone is the number one smartphone when it comes to customer satisfaction. It's one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and when combined with the use of the Apple iPad, there's an endless market for new application development.

Our iPhone application developers have extensive knowledge with the Apple platform, including animation, graphics, and GPS capabilities. We can help you increase employee productivity by building an application that helps your entire business communicate, analyze profits, organized client data, and integrate social media.


The Android operating system is one of the fastest growing systems on the market. The popularity of the Samsung line of phones has helped boost the popularity and use of the Android OS. The operating system's streamlined process for creating and launching apps makes it a simpler process than competing operating systems. The Android OS appeared on thousands of new technological devices over the last year or two, making the creation of Android specific applications a great business investment for many companies.

Millions of people access the Internet using a mobile device, specifically smartphones. When people hear about a new brand or business, one of the first things they wonder is if there's a mobile app they can download to their phone. Apps do everything from display coupons to advertise new products to provide games for entertainment. Our Android app development team can take the vision you have for your mobile business and turn it into a reality through a careful programming and testing process.


Smart phones have become an integral part of our life. Apart from being used as a mode of communication, it also plays a pivotal role in areas of entertainment. Though Blackberry has suffered in its market share, as an app entrepreneur you cannot miss the importance of Blackberry Application development. With a decent portfolio of applications designed for business as well as personal use, Blackberry OS is a perfect device for any mobile phone user.

Blackberry is known to be a corporate's favorite device, thanks to its fast email application, Blackberry messenger and a host of other utility features. Now, with the introduction of the all new BB10 OS, the company has added a "coolness quotient" to the device. BB10 supports better graphics and full touch functionality, and the Canadian company is looking to expand its application market. Our developers at Imenso will churn out apps that suit your business needs. Remember, Blackberry app market still is relatively empty - so it is a great time now to invest making your apps there!


The Windows 8 operating system is Microsoft's brand for mobile devices. It's used on smartphones and tablets, using Microsoft tools to design, build, and roll out mobile applications. The Nokia Lumia is an example of a Windows 8 operating system that had good reception from customers for both the phone and the mobile capabilities. Our Windows 8 application developers have Microsoft specific knowledge and know how to help you create the perfect mobile solutions for your business, especially if you're trying to target customers with your brand.

With GPS mobile capabilities, you can track where your customers go and send location specific information via your application. With Windows 8 application development, the programmer can create a mobile app that sends your users location specific information. Maybe your users will benefit from a local weather forecast or directions to a nearby location. You can work with your developer to streamline the location capabilities of your app and determine exactly what you want to make available for certain geo locations. All these kind of application can deliver from our company.